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Anjuman-e-Naat Educational & Welfare Society
is an organisation, founded on 1995, based in Malegaon. Under this organisation we have an Orphanage & a Madarssa.
Maulana Mahemoodul Hasan founded this
organisation in 1995 at Amalner. We organised an All India Naat Competition & we received 119 participants from all over india. This way we organised first ever event.
In 1997 we registered this organisation under
Charity Commissionar, Nasik.
We stared Orpahanage on 1 June 2008 in
Malegaon & we purchased 80.98 sq. m. land for this purpose. We started purchasing land as &
when required. Currently we have 308 sq. m. land for Orphanage & looking to purchase more
275 sq. m. land in future which will require approx. Rs. 10,00,000/-.
Furthermore we have projected construction plan for an Orpahanage for which estimated cost is
Rs. 70,00,000/-.
We are in a need of money for the construction
of an Orphanage which cannot complete without your help. Kindly donate us, may Allah reward
you in double.
Donate Us
bank Acccount Detail
State Bank Of India (SBI)
A/c No :30534494249
Code :418
Maulana Ansari Mahemoodul Hasan Muhammed
Sadique has founded this organisation Ajuman-e-
Naat in 1995 at Amalner.
Born on 27 Ramdan 1390 (27 Nov 1970)
completed his Arabic trainning first in Arbi Alim Darul Uloom Hanfia Sunniya, Malegaon & later in
Arbi Fazil Jamia Ashrafia Izharul-uloom,
Burhanpur in March 1989.
He got his trainning under various Ulema like,
• Maulana Wajid Ali Quadri
• Maulana Fazle Rasul Razvi (Allahabaad)
• Maulana Mujahid Hussain Razvi (Allahabaad)
• Mufti Danish Ali Faridi
• Mufti Sayyed Mehboob Alam Ashrafi (Burhanpur)
• Mufti Muhammed Zubair Alam Siddiqui
• Mufti Abdul Rashid Ashrafi (Burhanpur)
• Mufti Abdul Rashid Razvi,
• Mufti-e-Baraar (Akola)
Bait: Jubadtul Asfiya Umadtul Atkiya Alhaj Hajrat
• Mufti As-shah Abdul Halim Kibla (Nagpur) –
Head, Dawat-e-Islami
Upon completion his trainning, he started to being Imam in various places & cities in his
career like, Parola, Betawad, Amalner, Deolali
Camp Nasik, Malegaon, Shahada etc.
He has also performed in the field of teaching in Madarsa in Malegaon, Satana, Nizamabaad,
Shahada & Aurangabaad.
Married on 31 Oct. 1991 with Zaheerunnisa. Now
he is having 3 doughters & 3 sons.
1. Any orphan, even if he/she is 1 day old, can be admitted into the an Orphanage.
2. Our ornagisation will take care of all their
needs (food, shelter, cloths etc.)
3. Even if he/she wants to study in educational institute, our organisation will bear the cost of all
required fees & study materials.
4. We will not let them feel that they are alone
(orphan), we will be their parents.
5. We would like to make them part of our
society, so that they can receive equal
opportunity in every field.
6. We have first-aid boxes in schools to get aids at first place for injures.
7. If any couple would like to take child from our Orphanage, they can surely contact us & we will be more than happy to handover child after legal procedures.
Mission & Vision
1. Establish Orphanage through out Maharashtra
state (India).
2. Help widows & orphans.
3. Create foundation by which we can organise medical camps in the cities.
4. Organising religious programs to make
awareness of Islam.
5. Construct charitable hospital in Malegaon.
6. Helping Imaam (Ulema) whenver they are in a need.
7. Tailoring institute specially for girls to learn sewing.
8. Computer institute to make students hi tech, sharp & intelligent.

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