Aaj Sik Mitraan Dee Vadheeri Full Lyrics

Aaj Sik Mitraa(n) Dee Vadheeri Ay

Kyon Dilree Udaas Ghaneree Ay

Loo Loo Vich Shawq Changeri Ay

Aaj Nainaa(n) Laiyaa Kyon Jhariyaa!

Today The Yearning For The Loved One Is Great Indeed!

Why Is My Heart Saddened, Like a Reed?

The Desire Is Aflame, Running Through My Veins!

Why Are My Adoring Eyes Today Dazzled By The Beloved?

Jairee Lazzat Rovan Andar

O Vich Bayaan Nai’een Aavay

Rona Dil Dee Mel Utaaray

Naalay Man Dee Rog Gavaavay

The Pleasure Which Is In Crying

Cannot Be Expressed By Mere Words

Crying Removes The Dirt From The Heart

And Also Lessens The sorrows o’ the self.

Rona Ishq Dee Shaan Vidaavay

Naalay Ruthray Yaar Milaavay

A’zam Rovan Dhovan Waala

Kadee Dozakh Vich Na Jaavay

Weeping Increases The Status Of Ardent Love

And It Also Helps Angry-Lovers To Make Up And Meet

Azam, He Who Is Always Crying And Wailing

Will Never Enter The Hell-Fire!

Mukh Chan Badr Shah Shaani Ay

Matthay Chamkay Laat Noorani Ay

Kaali Zulf Tay Akh Mastaani Ay

Mahmoor Akheen Hain Madh Bhariyaan


His Face Is Like The Full Moon, Worthy Of His Regal Stature!

A Radiant Light Shines On His Brow

His Tresses Are Black, His Eyes Are Intoxicating!

Those Dreamy Eyes Are Full Of The Wine Of Love!

Kee’ijaz Nazar Vich Teri

JaiRa Aavay Ohh Vik Jaavay

Paishaani Tay Chamak Noorani

Vich Nainaan Kajal Suhaavay

What Miracles Are In Your Eyes

Whoever Comes To You Sells Himself

A Radiant Light On Your Brow

Black Kohl Like Ash In Your Eyes

Lambi Habib Mere Dee

Tay Jeevain Lambi Raat Hijr Dee

Matthay Vichon LaaTaan Niklan

Tay Jeevain Tal’at Mihr Sehr Dee

Long Are The Tresses Of My Beloved

Like The Long Night Of Separation

Rays Of Light Emerge From His Forehead

Like The Brilliance Of The Morning Sun!

Nain Niraalay Mast Raseelay

Vich Jhalak `Maa Zagha’ Basr Dee

A’zam Chamak Dandaan Day Aagay

Kee Qeemat Qadr Gohar Dee!

His Eyes Are Unique, Causing One To Become Drunk

Containing Within Them The Flash Of, “The Eyes Did Not Swerve”

Azam In Front Of The Brightness Of His Teeth

What Value Do Pearls Have?!

Is Surat Noo Mein Jaan Aakhaan

Jaanaan Ke Jaan-E-Jahaan Aakhaa

Sach Aakhaan Tay Rabb Dee Shaan Aakhaa

Jis Shaan Too Shaanaan Sab Baniyaa

Shall I Call This Countenance My Soul?

Or My Soul’s Soul? Or The Soul Of The Worlds?

If I Speak Truthfully, I Shall Call It The Glory Of My Lord

The Glory From Which All Others Were Created!

Subhan ALLAH! Maa Ajmalaka

Maa Ahsanaka, Maa Akmalaka

Kithay Mihr Ali Kithay Teri Sanaa

Gustaakh Akheen Kithay Jaa Ariyaan!

Glory Be To ALLAH! There Is No One More Beautiful Than Thee!

No One More Excellent Than Thee, No One More Perfect!

What Is The Status Of Mihr Ali That He Dares To Praise Thee?

Where Have These Insolent Eyes Dared To Gaze?

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